Configuring a Custom Domain

Quickpage allows you the ability to link a custom domain to one of your pages. This involves pointing the custom domain to our servers and configuring the domain in your account and page. Let's get started.

Step One

First you will need to add a domain into your account. Go to My Domains and find the Add Domain form to do this.

The domain needs to contain only the domain name, and TLD (Top Level Domain). The domain name is the bit that's custom for you, example in, "mydomain" is the domain name. The TLD is the bits at the end, for example in, "" is the TLD. You must also exclude anything before, or after those two items. Do NOT include any http://, https:// or trailing slashes.

Correct examples: or

Incorrect examples: or

Step Two

Next we need to add that domain to the page you want it to point to. This is easy, simply create a new page or edit an existing one, and select your domain from the list in the form.

Final Step

Finally you need to make sure that your domain is pointing at our servers. Every domain provider is different, but you will need to configure an A record to point to the IP address It's usually possible to contact your domain provider for help getting this configured, but many domain providers offer easy to use interfaces to make it simple.

After you have created the A record that successfully points to our IP address, it can take up to 24 hours for the changes to the domain to propagate throughout the worlds DNS servers. This is unfortunately out of our control, and just how the internet works. It's usually quicker than 24 hours though, and you can ask your domain provider for ways to speed it up.


We are done! Once the change has propagated throughout the web, you will be able to see your page by visiting in your web browser.